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The primary purpose of program review, evaluation, and planning is to strengthen the quality of academic programs through evidence-based decision-making and reflective planning. Moreover, a periodic formal review of all degree programs is required by the California State University Board of Trustees, and various accrediting bodies, including the Western Association of State Colleges (WASC).

Program review, evaluation, and planning is best accomplished within a model of continuous improvement. Ongoing assessment of program outcomes, viability, and curriculum form the basis for short- and long-term planning. Faculty participation in ongoing program assessment is central to program improvement. Thus, participation should be an integral part of faculty workload, rather than an additional expectation to an already overfull set of expectations for faculty. This can be accomplished by reviewing the data annually to look for trends in the data, and updating the plans continuously to capture the work that's being done at the program level.

Transparency within and among academic units will better inform coordinated planning. Thus, all program review, evaluation, and planning artifacts will be available to the academic community on a common document/data management system.

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