Investigating Very Low Food Security in the Redwood Coast Region

From the brief:

The prevalence of very low food security in the Redwood Coast Region is more than 2 times the prevalence in California.

Very low food security is a measure of severe food insecurity resulting in reduced food intake, disrupted eating patterns or hunger. Food insecurity is associated with numerous poor health outcomes including: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and poor cognitive, academic and psychosocial outcomes.

Results from the Rural Health Information Survey, 2006, indicate that there are disparities in very low food security in the Redwood Coast Region.

By Kali Patterson and Jessica Van Arsdale, MD, MPH

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Ask Congress to support nutrition programs in the Farm Bill

Please take action to support the Farm Bill - click this link ([capwiz:queue_id] ) and you will go directly to the SJHS CapWiz site and from there, it is very easy to have your voices heard.

Food Security

In reading your blog, I want to bring your attention to a intrigal piece ot the dialog:

1. Rural Food Pantries (and the food bank) struggle for resources and revenue. There are very few grants availible if any to promote the location of pantries or to pay their administrators to run them. This includes the time necessary to promote the need for donations,and ability to help.

2.The promotion of the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act to local businesses that provide food.

3. NOone on ssi or ssa can get food stamps! Most on these programs do not make more than $875 to $1200 a month. So the disabled and seniors are not elligible.

4. The county does not make applying for food stamps easy enough.

I would like to see what can be done to arrange a meeting between yourself, Ann Holcomb, the coalition that consists of the major hungr relief agencies in the county and Gabriella Robles of St Josephs Healthcare Foundation in Orange. She is coming to Humboldt to see us and others very soon, I think you should present your data to her and the new sister up here with the coalition members so she can take the information and needs back to the foundation.

Kelley Barrett

Board member, Resouce planning committee, Arcata Endeavor

Food Security

Thank you for raising these points.

Can you provide details about the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act?

Also, do you have ideas for how the county can make applying for food stamps easier?

Food Security

Our communites are potentially losing over $32 million federal dollars due to underutilization of nutrition programs- Food Stamp, School Lunch and Summer Food Programs.

Our communities can't afford to miss out on this money.
It seems urgent that we figure out how to do a better job at connecting people with available resources.
What ideas do you have for how to do this?

Data Source: California Food Policy Advocates.
Estimates for Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties combined.
Annual Federal dollars lost due to underutilization of Food Stamp, School Lunch and Summer Food Programs: $32,515,389

Food security and the disabled

I am not a expert on Food Stamps, and when I have tried to get answers, what i was told was that the State of California is the only state that does not allow seniors and disabled to recieve food stamps. They supposedly justify this by saying that the money the disabled and senior would get in food stamsp is built into what they get in cash,

I still dont get it and I think that anyone living on $900 or less a month should be elligible for food stamps. The less you make the more you get etc. The levels of administration and beurocratic stuff is overwhelming. I think that if you are hungry enough to hit up food pantries for food you should be able to apply for food stamps through the food panties and food banks.

Thanks so much

Thanks for this informative article. It has really helped me in my understanding of food security.

The connection between food insecurity and obesity

There is a very clear connection between food insecurity and obesity. When people do no thave enough money to purchase food they tend to purchase foods with high calorie content and low nutrition value as these foods are inexpensive and filling. Also, when the body sometimes has food and sometimes does not, it changes physiologically and stores more fat- a compensatory mechanism to prepare for starvation.

I dont think that its the

I dont think that its the fact that people are starving here - in fact the opposite. How can no food lead to the highest obesity rate in the world? Quit being such salad dodgers!

If the 'greatest' country in

If the 'greatest' country in the world has these problems with food, what hope does poverty have in being eradicated? This is a prime example of poor management of resources.

I think that too many people

I think that too many people rely on food stamps too much. It devalues the fact that the government is helping those who need it more. Some people are out there who are only using these food stamps because they feel they are entitled to free stuff....

I would be interested as well

I would be interested as well to hear or see any suggestions in making it easier for lower income brackets to easily access food stamps. Should we not ensure that those who struggle to look after themselves, like the elderly and the disabled, are taken care of first? It seems to me that those who want food stamps expect them as a matter of fact, and do not recognise the true value of them. This should not be allowed to continue.