Rural Poverty & Its Health Impacts: A Look at Poverty in the Redwood Coast Region

From the report:

This report provides a profile of rural poverty and its health impacts. It contains a review of the literature exploring the relationships between poverty and health with a focus on rural poverty and child poverty. It also contains an analysis of U.S. Census data showing the geographic distribution of poverty in the Redwood Coast Region and variation in poverty by place, age, family structure and race/ethnicity. Results from RHIS are presented to show the association between poverty and numerous health indicators. The report concludes with a discussion about implications for programs, policy and research based on dialogue with rural community leaders.

By Jessica Van Arsdale, MD, MPH; Launa Peeters-Graehl, MA; Kali Patterson, BA; Jenna J. Barry, BA; Adrianna Bayer, MA

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You're Right On!

Dear CCRP - Thank you for producing this powerful report!  Southern Humboldt thanks you for supporting our efforts to reverse economic disparities and improve health. We look forward to working together and achieving our shared vision to become the healthiest community possible!


Sometimes it takes a good report like this to turn things around. These types of reports should be done in other areas of the country as well to help the finances of many.

rural poverty and health care report

I saw report in the policy course for foundation year MSW students at HSU. It provided compelling data for our bioregion to assess needs of the population. This service provided by CCRP is invaluable to this community for planning our needs in the future! I'm using it again this year as an advanced MSW student.

Thanks for this report, it is

Thanks for this report, it is very interesting to see the relationship between health and poverty.

Health can be a major factor

Health can be a major factor and it's important that people in poverty pay extra attention to it so that they can easily focus on to get out of the poverty line. Authorities should provide them with the best health-care facilities possible.