Transportation Disparities Impacting Health Needs in the Redwood Coast Region

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Transportation is an important determinant of health affecting all spheres of community life. Results from the Rural Health Information Survey, 2006, indicate that transportation is a problem in meeting health needs for many residents in the Redwood Coast Region. Being poor, non-white or living in an area with low population density significantly increases the chance of transportation problems.

By Jessica Van Arsdale, MD, MPH; Connie Stewart, BA; Launa Peeters-Graehl, MA and Adrianna Bayer, MA

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This problem surely exists in many communities around the world. What do these other locations do to combat the problem? I would think some research could be very helpful in determining realistic solutions to this problem. One or two good ideas from other groups may work wonders for your problem.

Yes it is always the poorest

Yes it is always the poorest who are most affected and therefore the black majority.