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Food Security

In reading your blog, I want to bring your attention to a intrigal piece ot the dialog:

1. Rural Food Pantries (and the food bank) struggle for resources and revenue. There are very few grants availible if any to promote the location of pantries or to pay their administrators to run them. This includes the time necessary to promote the need for donations,and ability to help.

2.The promotion of the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act to local businesses that provide food.

3. NOone on ssi or ssa can get food stamps! Most on these programs do not make more than $875 to $1200 a month. So the disabled and seniors are not elligible.

4. The county does not make applying for food stamps easy enough.

I would like to see what can be done to arrange a meeting between yourself, Ann Holcomb, the coalition that consists of the major hungr relief agencies in the county and Gabriella Robles of St Josephs Healthcare Foundation in Orange. She is coming to Humboldt to see us and others very soon, I think you should present your data to her and the new sister up here with the coalition members so she can take the information and needs back to the foundation.

Kelley Barrett

Board member, Resouce planning committee, Arcata Endeavor


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