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Diggin’ Diigo!

posted by Joan Van Duzer on 11/18/2010

Those of us that regularly use more than one computer for web-based research have probably experienced the inefficiency and confusion (or frustration!) of misplaced bookmarks. Recently I overcame my skepticism of social bookmarking and gave Diigo a try. After trying out Diigo for less than an hour, I was hooked!

Diigo is a free web-based tool that archives and organizes web-published resources based on the keywords you assign to the resources. After you bookmark sites into your Diigo account (a simple two-click process!) you can access them again from any computer!

list of my recent tagsYou can also instantly see how many other Diigo users also marked it, and the keywords they have in their tag list—then view the other related resources that they’ve publicly bookmarked. What a phenomenal opportunity to see a wealth of items quickly on topics of interest to me!

As useful as this feature is, there are even more exciting reasons to use Diigo. You can set up Groups and invite “Friends” to follow your bookmarks. This offers important opportunities for research or for class projects.

Diigo Sticky NoteDiigo offers a handy highlighter tool and “sticky note” feature that lets you annotate the areas of interest on the web page to call your attention to specific information for later reference—or to share with others.

I have begun to build my list of resources on many topics of interest to me so I can quickly access references to share in my consultations. It’s been a real timesaver!

You can register with Diigo for a free account in seconds at (use the “Join Diigo” link in the top right corner). Be sure to take the 6:14 minute tour and install the Diigo toolbar to your browser to streamline your bookmarking to mere seconds.

Diigo Splash Page

You can find a nice summary of Diigo at Scribkin, “Tell Me About Diigo”

If you’re interested in being my Diigo “Friend” wink to access resources related to my work here at Humboldt State as an instructional technologist and elearning specialist, just email me (joan at so I can Invite you. If you are already using Diigo or would like to give it a try and want a “Friend” let me know!

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