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Recap of the “Cool Tools for Engaging the Millennial Learner” workshop

posted by Joan Van Duzer on 05/25/2011

It was great fun to share some favorite web applications with participants in the “Cool Tools for Engaging the Millennial Learner” workshop at the recent Institute for Student Success. Kimberly Vincent-Layton and I presented a variety of “cool tools” and ways that they have been used to support innovation in learning.

Participants had so many ideas for how they plan to apply them! Here is a summary of their suggestions:

Wordle (
Illustrate literary works and stories from news sites.

Picnik (
Edit images for art history class; support digital photography for the course catalog

Issuu (
Guide students in preparing a personal portfolio.

Screencast-o-matic (
Create online presentations or provide tour of an online course.

Quizlet (
Practice vocabulary for linguistics and statistics

Jing (
Capture images to add visuals to PowerPoint slides and other instructional materials

MakeBeliefscomix (
Create cartoons for presentations; introduce fun to get students in for advising

Diigo (
Improve organization of web-based resources

Animoto (
Introduce advisors or different student organizations.

What ideas do you have for using these “cool tools?”

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