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UDL:  How has it worked for you and your students?

posted by Tasha Souza on 09/03/2009

Over 200 HSU faculty have been trained in the principles of Universal Design for Learning in the last three years. I know that being introduced to the three principles of UDL has impacted the way in which I teach. For example, I am more thoughtful about utilizing multiple methods of expressing course content by different modes (visual, graphic, verbal, auditory, etc.) so students have varied ways to access the course content. In the past, the use of classroom discussions without any visuals dominated many of my class sessions.

I am hoping to hear from others about the extent to which you have adopted the principles of UDL and whether implementation of such principles has seemed to have an impact on students. Have you been offering more variety in representation, engagement, and/or expression? How have students responded? Which of these three principles has been the most difficult for you to implement? The easiest? What successes can you share?

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