Faculty Development & Learning Assessment

Midsemester Evaluations

Midsemester evaluations are a process of discovering from students and faculty important aspects and possible positive changes for a course. The first step is an interview between a trained facilitator and the interested instructor. Important aspects of a course are discussed and instructor’s questions are addressed. The second stage is a 20-30 minute interview of the students by the facilitator. The instructor is not present.

Students meet in small groups for the initial 10 minutes to identify strengths and areas for change in the course. For the following 10 minutes the class comes together and clarifies the ideas discussed in the small groups. The facilitator works towards a consensus among the students. The next stage of the process is an interview between the facilitator and the instructor where these comments and suggestions are discussed and concrete changes are considered.

The instructor has complete freedom to decide what to do with the input. It is important that he or she will consider change whenever it is to everyone’s mutual advantage. The process is strictly confidential and entirely separate from retention and tenure.

MidSemester evaluations have been offered at HSU since the Spring of 1997. Dr. Donald Wulff from the University of Washington offered a workshop on performing these evaluations in February, 1998. Since then we have had a local team of facilitators on campus. This project has been supported by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, the Faculty Development Committee and the Office of Academic Affairs. Read a recent history to learn more about the history of the program.

To have a Midsemester evaluation performed in a specific course, contact Diane Johnson at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).