Faculty Development & Learning Assessment


Learning & Teaching Themes: Giving you Some Context

In an attempt to give you greater contextual understanding of the various pedagogical issues, we have created 6 themes related to effective practices in learning and teaching. They are included on every page allowing you to view – in one place – all the associated tips, topics and blog posts.

» Teaching Tips: Providing the Concrete Strategies

Teaching Tips are posted each week in an attempt to provide you with timely strategies for understanding and implementing pedagogical changes.

» Learning & Teaching Topics: Allowing A More In Depth Study

Check out our topics if you are interested in greater depth of understanding on various pedagogical practices. The Topics pages provide coverage of the various aspects of teaching an learning, a complete list of additional references as well as how the topic relates here on the HSU campus.

» Learning & Teaching Blog: Bringing in the 1st Person Perspective

We created our blog as a way to share our own experiences and create conversations about successes and challenges that others may have experienced in implementing various pedagogical strategies. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!