Faculty Development & Learning Assessment

Digital Case Stories as Teaching Resources


Interested in trying out some new teaching strategies during the second half of the semester? Want a quick and engaging resource on best teaching practices without having to wade through long articles or read lengthy books when you have limited time? Interested in hearing about methods to enhance teaching and learning from faculty in similar disciplines with records of success?

Visit the ELIXR website http://elixr.merlot.org which offers a digital case story repository that hosts discipline-specific multimedia stories. All the stories are brief, applied, and demonstrate exemplary teaching practices for a particular topic.

You’ll find digital case stories on various topics such as Active Learning Strategies, Small Groups, Integrative Learning, Knowledge Surveys, Creativity, ConcepTests, and Just in Time Teaching to name a few.

You can easily search by topic or related discipline to find just what you need. Take some time to explore ELIXR!

Written by Tasha Souza.