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Reference Management Programs


A critical part of the student research process is keeping track of references (citations)—journal papers, books, web pages, facts, pictures, quotes, etc—that support their research so that they can properly cite them in their work using a required publication style. In an increasing online research environment reference management programs can assist by:

Two Recommended Programs:

Both these programs are available to all HSU students, faculty and staff. References created in one program can be ported to the other program or to another reference management program (http://library.humboldt.edu/~rls/references.html).

Classroom Applications:

In addition to using the basic functions of these programs to improve the student research process one can:

See Zotero’s Use Cases (http://www.zotero.org/support/use_cases) for other examples of classroom use.

Correlation with Student Learning:

Use of these programs can enhance student learning by:

For a learning “scenario” see EDUCAUSE’s 7 things you should know about…Zotero (http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7041.pdf”)

Learn More:

Both EndNote Web and Zotero have excellent online documentation and tutorials at their sites. In addition see:

Written by and Adapted from: Martha Johanson, Humboldt State University Library & Rowena Santiago, Teaching Resource Center, CSUSB

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