Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity Simply Explained

February 25 - March 6

Einstein was only 26 when he published his groundbreaking Theory of Relativity. While it took a genius to figure it out the first time, the average person can understand it now...if you have the right teacher. Einstein turned over the physics that had stood for hundreds of years by chang- ing how we understand space, time and what it means to be moving. In this class you will be given a conceptual (no math) introduction to Spe- cial Relativity and the bizarre predictions it makes about the relativity of space and time and the absolute speed of light. Come for a fun look at a very different way of seeing the world. Phillip Lazzar is excited and looking forward to teaching you this subject. He has been a guest teacher of it in local grade schools as well as for OLLI and knows how to help you understand it.

Program Fee: 
$8 HSU Students • $13 All Others
Day and Time: 
Tuesdays & Thursdays • 6:00 - 7:30pm
Science A Room 564
Registration Deadline: 
Tuesday, October 1st

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