Gary Lemons (Eco-Poet)

Friday, October 5, 2012 - 7:00pm
Kate Buchanan Room, University Center
Adult FREE  • 
Child FREE  • 

Gary Lemons worked most of his life outdoors with his hands. He’s fished Bristol Bay in Alaska, tree planted the clear cuts of the Pacific Northwest, worked high steel as a welder, slip formed concrete, and worked on farms. He’s published three books of poetry: Fresh Horses, Bristol Bay and his most recent Snake. “. . .I [have not] seen such challenges made to the questions of what is voice, what is dream—brilliant book!”, is how Norman Dubie described Snake.

The event is FREE, and will take place in the K
ate Buchanan Room.

Praise for Gary's new book:

“In Gary Lemons’ Mother-Naked-of-Last, complete with the revenge of Milton’s Satan on the collective purity of planet Earth. Not since the white-face ventriloquism of Berryman’s what is voice, what is dream—brilliant book!” —Norman Dubie


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