Aesop Rock w/Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 9:00pm
Van Duzer Theatre, Theater Arts Bldg.
Adult $25.00  • 
Child $25.00  • 
HSU $20.00

Responsible for all but revolutionizing the entire face of underground hip-hop in the early portion of this decade with a slew of potent and influential releases such as 2000’s Float  and 2001’s monumental Labor Days, Aesop has proven that resting on his past laurels is all but forbidden. He also scored original music for two short films, “Fishtales” directed by Jeremy Fish, and “Walleyball,” released by McSweeneys Wholphin series. Early 2007 saw the release of Aesop’s unique and invigorating All Day, a 45-minute continuous mix commissioned by Nike+ for their Original Run series created specifically to enhance a runner’s workout with varying changes in tempo and instrumentation. Constantly finding new ways of innovation goes hand in hand with the dense verbosity and ethereal stutter-funk that codifies Aesop Rock’s output.

“Even among the hip-hop heavies who record for his local label, Def Jux, rapper Aesop Rock manages to stand out thanks to a vulnerable storytelling style that’s all too rare among the genre’s tough guys.” - New York Magazine

Opening the show will be Dark Time Sunshine and Open Mike Eagle.

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