Since 1966, CICD has designed and implemented innovative projects
to meet fundamental American Indian community needs.

This is a picture of the EPA cover. It says Environmental Protection Native American Lands A cultural Approach Integrated Environmental Studies Grades 1-12 The Center for indian community development

Curriculum, Grades 1-12:

Environmental Protection, Native American Lands: A Cultural Approach to Integrated Environmental Studies

Written and edited by a team of Indian teachers and community people who were guided by the project coordinator, Alan Leftridge, a Humboldt State University Professor. The aim of the publication is to ensure the cultural integrity of Amercian Indian lands by preparing tribal communities to make informed decisions about land development, as well as to prevent household hazardous waste.

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Cover Page
Intro Page, TOC
Art Acknowledgement
01. All Things Connected
02. Needs or Wants
02. Needs or Wants Worksheet
03. Circles-Silence-Respect
04. Sense of Place
05. What Would You Do?
06. The Consequences of Litter
07. What Are Your Habits?
08. Crow and Weasel
09. Shopping for Waste-1
09. Shopping for Waste-2
10. The Lorax
10. The Lorax Worksheets
11. Trash in the Past
11. Trash in the Past Worksheet
12. Plastic Trash & Wildlife
13. The Waste Stream
14. Waste Dilemma
15. Future Trash
16. Take a Bite of the Future
17. Redwood Rancheria
18. Hazardous Characteristics
19. Hazardous Waste Home
19. Hazardous Waste Subs Chart
20. Where Should it Go?
21. Community Survey
22. Stonefly
23. Salmon Creation
24. Recycling Used Oil
25. Oil-Spill Eggs
26. Wading through Water Poll
27. Oil / The Klamath
28. Landfill Pop Bottle
29. Landfill Tea
30. Ground Water Models
31. Contamination/Move
32. How very little it must be
33. Toxicity a Relative...
34. Dilution is no solution
35. Concentrated Chemicals
36. Sovereign Solutions
37. Silent Spring
38. Burn Piles
39. Analyzing Ash
40. Making Acid Rain
41. Making Land Fill Gas
42. Dr. Rock
42. Dr. Rock Worksheets
43. Recycling 101
44. Recycling101and Beyond
45. Can Crusher Contest
46. Clean-up Crew
47. School Composting
48. Vermiculture
49. School Gardening.pdf
50. The People Shall Continue
Glossary & Resources