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Now You're Speaking - Karuk!

Expressions in Karuk
Idiomatic Expressions

I am afraid. Tani'ay.
Here it is. Mava payook.
Here (when handing
something to someone)
Mah pay.
Thank you. Yootva
Thank you,
may you live
to get old.
Yootva, mateek
Yootva, mateek
xara ikeevish.
Are you okay
Iim vura nik yav?
Idiomatic Expressions

What's the matter with you?
Huut ti iin?
Stop! (sg. subj.) Ishkaxish!
Wait a moment! Matee!
Listen! Mah!
Wait, we are
listening, listen.
Matee, chii
nuthitiv, mah.
Do you hear?
(sg. subj.)
Tithitiv hum?
Help me. Chimi

Show me (help). Chimi neekshupihi.
Where did you
folks go?

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