Since 1966, CICD has designed and implemented innovative projects to meet fundamental American Indian community needs.


The production of lessons, dictionaries, word-lists, collections of stories, cassette tapes, videos, and other materials useful to language education is an important function of the Center for Indian Community Development. Following are some of the publications CICD has helped to produce.

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Cover of Now You're Speaking KarukNow You're Speaking Karuk.

(Second Edition) A language pocketbook of Karuk phrases, village sites, word lists, and situational expressions. Written and edited by Sue Burcell, and Nancy Richardson, with the assistance of several Karuk elders.

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Cover of Now You're Speaking Tolowa Now You're Speaking Tolowa.

A Tolowa language pocketbook of phrases, word lists, and situational expressions. Written and edited by Loren Bommelyn, Victor Golla.

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Cover of Now You're Speaking HupaNow You're Speaking Hupa: The Hupa People, Their Language
Na:tinixwe Mixine:whe'

(Second Edition, revised) Victor Golla, 1994. A Hupa Language Pocketbook, which is accompanied by an audiocassette as a compilation of Hupa words, phrases, place names and ideas. The handbook grew out of a need expressed at one of the Hoopa Tribe's Language Immersion Camps.

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Cover of Environmental Protection curriculumEnvironmental Protection, Native American lands: A Cultural Approach to Integrated Environmental Studies

Written and edited by a team of Indian teachers and community people who were guided by the project coordinator, Alan Leftridge, a Humboldt State University Professor. The aim of the publication is to ensure the cultural integrity of Amercian Indian lands by preparing tribal communities to make informed decisions about land development, as well as to prevent household hazardous waste.

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Cover of Hupa Language DictionaryHupa Language Dictionary
Na:tinixwe Mixine:whe'

(Second Edition) Victor Golla, 1996. This dictionary contains the Hupa vocabulary -- including many inflected forms of verbs -- that is used or remembered by fluent speakers of the language. Some of this material was collected by linguists and anthropologists, including Pliny Earle Goddard, Edward Sapir and most recently Victor Golla. Much of Sapir's materials were obtained from interpreter Sam Brown, doctor Emma Frank and elder John Shoemaker. Golla collected extensive lists from Ned and Louise Jackson, Minnie Reeves and Rudolph Socktish. Publisher: Hoopa Valley Tribe

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Cover of Dundi Ne:sing'? bookDundi Ne:sing'? Dixwe"di 'Unt'e:n?
Illustrated Sounds of the Hupa Language

Editor: Dr. Ruth Bennett. The Hupa words in this book have been chosen for their usefulness in a cultural communication proficiency method. Illustrations include original drawings and photos of tribal members and places. Published by CICD.

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Cover of Ya:na:'a'awhYa:na:'a'awh

Four Hupa Songs from Alice Pratt in the Hupa Language of California for High School, College, and Adult Education, edited and translated by Ruth Bennett. Book with accompanying audio tape.

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Cover of Constitutions

The Evolution of Tribal Governments and Constitutions: A look at ten modern Tribal Governments and their Constitutions or Codes.

By Rain Archambeau Marshall

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