The Schatz Energy Research Center: Changing the Way We Get and Use Energy

The Schatz Energy Research Center built the first hydrogen fuel cell car licensed to drive in the U.S. and more recently designed and built the first rural fueling facility in California’s Hydrogen Highway network.

Projects like these are just two of the many ways SERC actively involves students in advancing technology and delivering real-world environmental benefits.

Since SERC’s founding twenty years ago, the center has achieved international recognition for its contributions to hydrogen and fuel cell technology, leading to multiple patents and license agreements. The mission of SERC’s team of engineering professionals and undergraduate and graduate students is to promote the use of clean and renewable energy. SERC delivers on this promise every day, with hands-on projects such as biomass gasification and international collaboration on affordable, energy efficient lighting for developing countries. Closer to home, SERC is helping Humboldt County develop a comprehensive plan for converting the area to a renewable energy-based economy. As part of that effort, SERC is working with Pacific Gas and Electric, our local utility, on their Wave Connect project to harness the immense wave energy of our northern California coast.

Dozens of HSU students in engineering and related disciplines have joined the Schatz team, many of them going on to rewarding energy careers in academia, industry, and public agencies.

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