Faculty Study Zone Resources

Academic expectations and how to meet them
College students increase their study relative to high school, but still fall far short of what is needed: National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) studies show that around 45% of college students spend 10 hours a week or less studying, and only 11% study 25 hours per week or more.

• Describe how to use 8-10 hours a week studying for your course
• Direct your students to the 2:1 Study strategies and tips in the Student Resources section at:http://www.humboldt.edu/cnrs/opportunities/study_zone

Syllabus resources
• Include section on academic expectations and how to accomplish
• How to use the Study 2:1 2 hours per unit guide
• Why is studying important/how to know if you are truly learning

Early and Frequent Grading Experiences
Please help your students understand what to expect on an exam and how to study for success. Don’t let your exams be a mystery. An early grading experience will give students the opportunity to analyze their study strategies and make adjustments. Frequent grading experiences (quizzes) give students multiple opportunities to understand their responsibilities without losing the opportunity for a decent grade.

Encouragement and Guidance Throughout the Semester
• Ask students how they are doing
• Ask how adjustment to college/new surroundings is going
• How is studying going?