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HSU Campus Diversity Plan 2013+

About the HSU Campus Diversity Plan 2013+

Statements that articulate Humboldt State’s deep commitment to institutionalizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas of our work appear repeatedly amongst our campus’ strategic plans and priorities. Across the university, much work has gone towards putting these goals into practice. This work has been carried out by staff, faculty and students in units and departments, programs and majors in every corner of this campus. At the same time, much work remains in order to meet the broad goals that we have set for ourselves.

In order to continue this process of institutional improvement and change, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has been charged with overseeing the process of drafting a coordinated campus-wide diversity plan that provides a mechanism for benchmarking and evaluating our success as a campus in meeting our stated goals relative to diversity, equity and inclusive student success. This comprehensive plan – to be completed in Spring 2013 – will outline components of, initiatives underway, and strategies necessary to meet HSU’s objective of institutionalizing diversity, equity and inclusivity as core elements of the HSU mission and vision. This campus diversity planning process is founded on five core goals that summarize the essence of what HSU aspires to achieve in these key areas. These are:


Goal #1: Access to Excellence

ensuring equality of access to an HSU education

Goal #2: Inclusive Excellence

ensuring equality of success for all students

Goal #3: Faculty & Staff Diversity ensuring equity and inclusiveness in the workplace
Goal #4: Community Collaboration developing partnerships with the off-campus community
Goal #5: Shared Responsibility & Ongoing Improvement0 monitoring progress towards our goals

Offer your ideas and suggestions!

We welcome your ideas, suggestions, thoughts and input on the campus diversity plan. Whether you are a student, a staff member, a faculty member, or an administrator within our campus community, we invite you to peruse the draft plan and offer your thoughts on the next steps we need to take as a campus in order to accomplish our stated goals:

Click here to see the current draft of the HSU Campus Diversity Plan 2013+

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