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Frequently Asked Questions

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The list of questions below are the most commonly asked questions asked by grant applicants. If you need a more detailed answer, please contact your budget manager.

Note: The term "guest lecturer" is used to refer to guest lecturer, speaker or performer.

General Questions

Q: Can someone who is not the budget manager (grant applicant/event organizer) prepare all budget related paperwork?

A: Yes. But the budget manager is responsible for checking for completeness and accuracy. If it is incomplete, the paperwork will be sent back to the budget manager and payment will be delayed.

Q: We need to postpone our event; what are the steps and rules for postponing?

A: Postponements require approval of the funding committee. If you need to postpone your event to a future semester, send a memo to Amie Rodriquez at or mail to: Siemens Hall 209. Do not leave a voice mail. Without written verification, we cannot take note of your request.

Note: You can roll over/postpone your event 1 time ONLY. After that, you will have to re-apply for the grant.

Award Process

Q: How is the grant disbursed?

A: The grant is disbursed via reimbursement.

Q: I got an award letter, what's the next step?

To view the following steps after your grant has been awarded, see our Grant Process Map. If you decide you would like to decline the award, please contact our office.

Q: What will happen if we overspend the amount allocated?

A: You are responsible for tracking your own budget. If you exceed your grant amount, your organization will be expected to cover the costs yourselves.


Q: I would like the grant to pay for printing the posters/flyers for my event; where can I go to get these printed?

A: You can submit your order directly to Graphic Services by calling (707) 826-3321 or visit Marketing and Communications (Building 88-at the corner of 14th & B St.). Inform them: a) to charge the Office of Diversity and Inclusion b) the name of your event. They will know what to do next.

If you are a HSU club, you can make 200 free black and white copies at the bookstore. Please contact the Clubs & Activities office for more information.

Q: We took out an ad in the Lumberjack newspaper, how do we pay for it?

A: After the ad is printed, the Lumberjack will send you an invoice. Attach invoice to Direct Payment Request Form and submit to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for payment.



Q: Where can I find all of the grant forms?

A: You can find all necessary forms at Grant Forms:



Q: If approved by the committee, can we pay for catering/drinks from Housing and Dining?

A: Yes. If it was a part of your proposal and approved by the committee. After your event, Housing and Dining will send you an invoice. Attach the invoice to a Hospitality Expense Form and submit to the Diversity and Inclusion Office for processing of payment.

Q: Can the grant be used to reimburse food purchases?

A: No. Unless it was in your proposal, approved by the committee and deemed to be an integral part of the program.

Q: Can the grant be used to buy the guest lecturer/event organizers breakfast/lunch/dinner/food?

A: No

Q: Can grant money be used to purchase alcohol?

A: No

Q: How do we pay for a hotel invoice for the guest lecturer?

A: Attach invoice to hospitality expense form with a copy of guest lecturer's STD 204.

Guest Lecturer

Q: A guest lecturer/speaker faxed us his/her form; will this this be accepted?

A: No. We cannot process the form unless it has the original wet signature.

Q: Our guest lecturer/speaker cannot afford to purchase their ticket; should we go ahead and pay for their flight/bus/fare then get reimbursed for the grant?

A: No. This is not recommended. If the speaker cannot come due to unforeseen circumstance(s), the person who bought the ticket will NOT be reimbursed.

It is recommended the speaker purchase the ticket and send/forward the receipt/electronic receipt to you. With this travel receipt, we can request an advance check which includes the honorarium and reimbursement for travel. Note: We cannot give the check to the speaker until after the speaker has done their service/performance. But in doing it this way, the check will be ready on the day of performance so the speaker will not have to wait 2 weeks. If you choose this route, the paperwork must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance!

Q: Can we pay a student, staff or faculty to be a guest lecturer/speaker/performer?

A: No.

Q: Our guest lecturer/speaker will be paid from several different sources, is there a way to pay him/her in one lump sum?

A: Yes. In the bottom portion of the Guest Lecturer Form where there is space for chart field string information, each source of funding can supply their information and sign. Your budget manager will know how to do this.


To suggest a question/answer you think will be helpful and should be here, please visit:

Siemens Hall 209 • 1 Harpst St., Arcata, CA 95521 • 707.826.4503 • Contact Us.