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Diversity Activity Fund Guidelines

Grant Money Cannot Be Used For:

  • Event T-shirts
  • Per diem for speakers
  • Staff/faculty salary, stipend or honorarium
  • Any expenditure that is not solely for the program as described in your grant application
  • Food (unless it is justified to be a key part of the program. If approved, there is a $200 limit unless the committee approves a higher amount, based on specific requests outlined by the event organizers in the grant proposal)
  • Gifts for participants, speakers, and organizers (Unless it is integral to program. If so, it must be justified in the grant proposal and approved by the committee.)
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Individual travel from HSU to other destinations
  • Off-campus recruitment projects.
  • Curriculum development
  • Research projects
  • Fundraising activities


  • Grant money can only be used for publicity if it was included in your proposal's budget
  • If you are having publicity printed from HSU graphics, submit your order directly to Graphic Services by calling (707) 826-3321 or visit Marketing and Communications (Building 88-at the corner of 14th and B Street). Inform them: a) to charge the Office of Diversity and Inclusion b) the name of your event. They will know what to do next. Make sure you get a quote of how much it will cost to print so that you can track your budget.

Procedures for Postponements:

  • Postponements require approval of the funding committee. If you need to postpone your event to a future semester, send a memo to Amie Rodriquez at or mail to: Siemens Hall 209. Do not leave a voice mail. Without written verification, we cannot take note of your request.
  • Note: You can roll over/postpone your event 1 time ONLY. After that, you will have to re-apply for the grant.


  • All paperwork for reimbursement must be turned in to the Diversity and Inclusion Office by the end of the semester in which the program occurs. There is no guarantee any reimbursement received thereafter will be paid unless your event spans more than one semester or you are awaiting additional receipts or invoices. In this case, please send an e-mail or call the Diversity Office regarding the circumstances to get an extension.
  • If a speaker needs travel accommodations, DO NOT purchase it for them. Tell the speaker they must provide their own travel and they can be reimbursed with an invoice or receipt OR their honorarium can be increased to include their travel (by including travel costs in the honorarium, there will also be less paperwork!)
  • Complete online Evaluation and Assessment Form when turning in all paperwork. This evaluation is used to assess the effectiveness of your program and the success of the Diversity Program Grant. This evaluation form will be attached to any future grants you apply for (if it is for the same event) which will assist the committee in determining the success of your event. If you do not submit an evaluation and are applying for a recurring event/program in the future, your application will not be eligible!

Siemens Hall 209 • 1 Harpst St., Arcata, CA 95521 • 707.826.4503 • Contact Us.