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Inclusive Excellence Development Grants


The Inclusive Excellence Development Grants are designed to help support efforts that are purposed towards addressing issues of (in)equity in educational outcomes within individual academic programs/departments, towards the larger goal of supporting inclusive student success at the program level.  These grants will be awarded at the academic program or department level, and are designed to support programs in addressing the issues and reaching the goals that are identified within each program’s diversity plan. Examples of activities funded by these grants are proposals that aim to:

    1. Address issues of inequity in course success: Proposals may focus on the design and implementation of subject content and/or pedagogical reforms that support equity in course success in particular courses within the program.  
    2. Address inequities in student retention and graduation within the program
    3. Integrate diverse perspectives across the curriculum: Proposals may focus either on pedagogical reforms or subject content reforms that aim to more fully incorporate diverse perspectives into the curriculum.
    4. Address inequities in student enrollment within the program


Categories of funding

  1. Expenses associated with implementing initiatives purposed towards the above objectives (such expenses might include, for example, the hiring of students as peer mentors for a course-based or major-based peer mentoring program; expenses associated with bringing in an off-campus consultant to work with department faculty on re-designing a particular course; and any other such related expenses)
  2. Release-time or summer funding stipends for individual faculty members for Spring 2013, Summer 2013, or Fall 2013 that is purposed towards achieving the program/department goals in one of the following areas:
      1. To design and implement subject content and/or pedagogical reforms that support equity in course success in particular courses and/or that aim to better incorporate diverse perspectives into the curriculum.
      2. To implement initiatives within the program that are purposed towards one or more of the above objectives.
  3. Travel necessary to support any of the objectives above.


Application Guidelines

To submit an application for an Inclusive Excellence Development Grant, please attach to your program’s 2012 Diversity and Inclusive Excellence report a document that contains the following information. (To attach a file to your Diversity and Inclusive Excellence report within the PREP system, go to “Requirement Sources” at the bottom of the page, and click “Upload File.”) All proposals for Inclusive Excellence Development Grants must include:

  1. Application details: Project title; name of the academic program for which this grant is being requested; name and contact details (campus mailing address, email address, phone extension) of the individual submitting this request; name of the program’s Administrative Support Coordinator.
  2. A project description of how the proposed project addresses the issues and goals that are identified within the program’s diversity plan (submitted through the most recent program review/annual review process);
  3. A description of plans for assessment and evaluation of the project’s impact on the issues noted above;
  4. A brief timeline of activities;
  5. A budget outlining estimated costs, including total amount requested;
  6. Plans for presenting the results of the project to the campus community;
  7. Applications that include requests for release-time or summer funding must include a specific breakdown of the expected time associated with the project.
  8. Applications that include travel costs must specifically state how the proposed travel supports one or more of the four grant objectives outlined above.


Award recipients must submit a brief report on the use of their award to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion prior to the close of the semester in which the project is completed.

For questions about the grant or about the application process, please contact Radha Webley in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, at 826.4502 or by email at


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