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Inclusive Pedagogy: Tools, Tips, Checklists

Checklist of Assumptions that Impact Motivation, Learning and Performance (PDF) - Carnegie Mellon University, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence. A useful tool to help instructors reflect on the assumptions they hold about their students, which can impact student motivation and learning.

Tools for Inclusive Teaching – University of Washington. An interactive website that includes resources, examples, insights, and teaching strategies from faculty and students.

Solve a Teaching Problem – Carnegie Mellon, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence. An interactive site that allows you to identify a problem you encounter in your teaching, consider possible reasons for the problem, and explore strategies to address it.  

Learning Styles – Humboldt State University. Outlines different learning styles and provides recommendations for designing courses to reach as many students as possible. 

Learning Style Inventory – Adapted from Instructor Magazine, 2009. A quick, simple, learning style assessment for teachers and students. Use as a resource to analyze your own learning/teaching style, or use with students to help them reflect on their learning/study styles and to help plan your course delivery.

Dos and Don’ts of Inclusive Language – Honolulu Community College. Provides a straightforward list of words and phrases that can unintentionally exclude groups of people and perpetuate negative stereotypes, also offers suggested alternatives. 

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