Providing assistance to historically underrepresented students

Freshmen Programs

A Fall Bridge class lecture
Fall Bridge is a dynamic first-semester program designed to assist new EOP/SSS students in creating support networks and in expanding academic and critical analysis skills. Fall Bridge is a learning community tailored to meet your needs and help you make a successful transition from high school to the university. The curriculum consists of one general education course, coupled with an adjunct class. The subject matter is immersed in social justice and equity issues and is designed to give meaning to individual life experiences. In addition to receiving in-class academic support and instruction in college success skills, you will also be offered a range of educational, recreational, social and cultural activities designed to help you increase your involvement in, and satisfaction with campus life; and to start you on the road to becoming a successful Humboldt State University student.

The Peer Mentor Program is a first-semester program for new EOP/SSS freshmen and is designed to help you create a sense of community that will increase your personal and educational power. With the help and support of our Peer Mentors, you'll learn first-hand what it takes to be successful at Humboldt State University. Most importantly, the Peer Mentor Program is about YOU! What are your dreams, hopes, concerns, and plans for your college career?

Mentoring students on a rafing trip

Mentoring students on a rafting trip

The peer mentor classes are small, meet twice a week, and are led by our Peer Mentors. Each week, Mentors will lead you and your fellow students in a variety of activities and discussions about how you can create a support network with other students, staff, and faculty; how you might adjust to being away from home; how to become involved with life on campus; and of course, how to have fun as a Humboldt student!

As a first year student, you will also have the opportunity to participate in out-of-class activities that facilitate not only learning, but becoming familiar with the surrounding community. We'll visit local beaches, share our favorite dishes during cultural potlucks, go on rafting trips down the mighty Trinity River, challenge each other during game nights and attend outstanding performances through the Center Arts programs.

The Peer Mentoring course is offered for two units and counts as elective units towards graduation.