Providing assistance to historically underrepresented students

EOP Leadership Opportunities

EOP Peer Advisors

EOP/SSS Positions

Applications for the following positions are available on Springboard, as positions become available (please come by the EOP/SSS office for details regarding the actual process):

Minimum Qualifications for either Student Assistant position: Must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be in good academic standing with the university.

Preferred Qualifications for either Student Assistant position: Experience working in an office setting, ability to multi-task, great attention to detail, and strong communication skills (written, phone, etc).

EOP/SSS Student Assistant

Duties include answering a multi-line telephone, taking accurate messages or referring callers as appropriate; making appointments for students; making phone calls to remind students of appointments; informing users of program services and directing them to the proper resource; accurately filing and retrieving student files; performing simple data entry, photocopying, sending faxes, making campus deliveries, and performing other basic clerical tasks as needed. The required work skills include customer service skills, the ability to work independently, to learn new information quickly, and to follow complex directions; familiarity with office protocol including confidentiality, punctuality, and professionalism; strong alphabetizing and computer typing skills. Priority will be given to applicants who have overcome barriers similar to those confronting program participants. Average work hours are 5-10 per week.

EOP/SSS Student Admissions Assistant

The EOP Admissions Student Assistant (ASA) is under the direction of the EOP/SSS Admissions Coordinator and under direct supervision of the Admissions Assistant. The primary responsibilities of the ASA are to assist in the tracking of EOP application materials, provide excellent customer service by answering the Admissions phone line (answering general admissions questions and referring phone calls to appropriate staff), and gathering application materials from the HSU Office of Admissions. Average work hours are 10-12 per week.

Applications for the following positions are available from EOP/SSS in September (please come by for details regarding the actual process):

Minimum Qualifications for the positions below:

Applicants must be currently enrolled fulltime at HSU (at least second year) and possess a minimum 2.3 GPA at the time of submitted application. Applicants must possess a sincere commitment to serve as a role model for historically disadvantaged first-year students, which includes the ability to offer mature guidance and advice. Applicants must have the ability to work towards a common goal of student success by collaborating with and supporting EOP/SSS and Learning Center professional staff.

Preferred Qualifications for the positions below: Preference will be given to the following applicants: those who are willing to work as Fall Bridge Assistants or Peer Advisors and able to work during Summer Bridge AND; those who have overcome and/or are familiar with important educational issues facing low-income, first generation students and/or diverse populations; those who have experience working with low-income and diverse populations; those who have special skills or expertise, such as tutoring, advising, or planning/leading athletic or recreational activities. EOP/SSS is seeking students who are dependable and are able to work autonomously, have strong time management skills, display a high level of maturity, and possess a clear understanding of basic university policies and resources available.

Fall Bridge Assistant (FBA)

FBAs are at least second year students who work directly with the Instructors for an adjunct class (either ES 480 or Soc 113). Assigned duties in the adjunct courses include, but are not limited to, leading small group discussions, reviewing assignments and participating in preparatory meetings. Fall Bridge Assistants are also required to lead study sessions outside of class. On average, the Fall Bridge Assistant works approximately 10-12 hours per week. FBAs are automatically hired as Summer Bridge Mentors, pending satisfactory evaluations from the Spring Leadership Training.

Summer Bridge Mentor (SBM)

Provides supervision, advising, and guidance to approximately 150 new incoming EOP/SSS freshmen during an intensive week-long, August, orientation program; helps organize, facilitate, and supervise recreational & academic activities. Full day/evening hours are required for the entire week of SB orientation.

EOP/SSS Peer Advisor (PA)

Peer Advisors are at least third year students who are expected to work closely with a cohort of students throughout the students' 1st and 2nd years at HSU. A Peer Advisor is assigned 25-30 students that they connect with on a regular basis. Peer Advisors also participate in and help facilitate recreational and academic activities. Peer Advisors meet with their assigned students and work on activities related to the program, totaling 12-20 hours per week.