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Digital Communications & Imaging
Introductory & Certificate Courses

Communicate creatively...




The College of eLearning & Extended Education at HSU is expanding the Adobe Creative Suite certificate series to offer a new Digital Communications & Imaging program.

Discover a broad spectrum of digital design tools, technologies and resources to create dynamic content for digital, social and print output. These courses are instructor-led and provide hands-on training to help you develop the skills necessary to complete creative projects for professional, personal and academic communication.

Each introductory course stands alone and does not require prior experience. Students work individually on Macintosh computers. Knowledge of computer basics is required.

Purchase of software is not necessary to participate in any of these courses. Instructors will provide information on similar low-cost and freeware software available for personal and professional use.

Though not required, upon enrollment in any of the courses and with your HSU ID card ($5, if you don’t yet have an ID card), you will be eligible to purchase academic software and subscriptions from the HSU Bookstore at substantial savings.


The HSU College of eLearning & Extended Education Certificate of Completion is available upon completion of any three courses in the Digital Communications & Imaging portfolio (See details on requesting your certificate). Additional courses will be offered in Spring 2015.

Creativity With Your Digital SLR Camera

Get started in digital photography and expand your creativity with your digital SLR camera. We’ll begin with the basics of how to set up your digital camera and how to maximize operation while shooting JPEG or Camera Raw as well as how to care for and protect camera body and lenses.

Once you know how to control your camera, manipulate shutter speed and depth of field, you’re ready to improve your composition and creativity while capturing light in your digital images.

You’ll practice shooting a mix of techniques and then learn how to save and manage your images into workflow with Adobe Bridge CS6® and Photoshop CS6®.


Introduction to Digital Photography Image Editing

This course is designed for digital camera enthusiasts, professional photographers and other digital media artists from beginners to professionals. You will explore basic digital image management and editing as well as gain hands-on experience learning image-editing tools, strategies and techniques.

Discover the ease of working on layers, allowing a non-destructive and easily restored workflow. With on-screen demonstrations throughout, you will complete exercises utilizing layer masks and adjustments, painting, repairing, filters and effects. Photoshop CS6® and Bridge CS6® software will be utilized.

Techniques learned in Photoshop are easily transferred to Photoshop Elements.

date .......... Tues./Thurs., Oct. 14-23

time .......... 6:30-8:30 p.m.

fee .......... $145

place .......... GH 215

instr .......... Annie Reid

course .......... REGISTER ONLINE: EENC x031, 47511

Creativity with Adobe Camera Raw

Learn how to use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) as you open your Raw or JPEG image files from Bridge in Photoshop CS6® (or Adobe Lightroom®). Maximize creativity using a non-destructive workflow to prepare your images for making inkjet prints or for use in print or online publications.

You’ll learn how to prepare a single image file or several at once to improve efficiency while making corrections in white balance, exposure or other in-camera problems.

date .......... Tues./ Thurs., Oct. 28-Nov. 6

time .......... 6:30-8:30 p.m.

fee .......... $145

place .......... GH 215

instr .......... Mark Larson

course .......... REGISTER ONLINE: EENC x031, 47514

Introduction to Vector Image Illustration

For the artist and non-artist alike, this course offers simple techniques and advanced resources to communicate using bold, sharp imagery. Learn to utilize the crisp line capacities of vector illustration, used extensively for logos, ads, posters, as well as quick-to-load web images. You will complete a variety of hands-on exercises familiarizing you with the efficiency of drawing and editing digital vector images with pen tools; converting text to art; auto-tracing photographic images into outlined graphics; applying special effects and painting with color, textures and gradients. Though this is an introductory course, you will be introduced to several advanced vector illustration tricks and capabilities. Course utilizes Adobe Illustrator CS6® and Bridge CS6®.

date .......... Tues./Thurs., Nov. 18-Dec. 4
(No class Nov. 25-27)

time .......... 6:30-8:30 p.m.

fee .......... $145

place .......... GH 215

instr .......... Annie Reid

course .......... REGISTER ONLINE: EENC x031, 47512

MARK LARSON is a now retired journalism professor who taught photojournalism and Adobe Photoshop®, and he continues to free-lance his images to newspapers, magazines and a variety of clients. His teaching mantra in photography is: “Learn to control your camera and expand your creativity — avoid the ‘PhD’ (push here dummy) approach — and have fun, especially with Photoshop.”

ANNIE REID is a designer, illustrator, printmaker and painter who works from her North Coast studio. Her artwork has been reproduced in both national and international projects. Through teaching, Reid has shared her enthusiasm for digital media with others for over 20 years (















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