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HSU Forms

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Form Number Title/Detailssort icon Department Direct Link
A.S. Event Funding Application Clubs & Activities
A.S. Event Funding Guidelines Clubs & Activities
A.S. Event Funding Reimbursement Expense Report Clubs & Activities
PR 54 Absence Excess Hours Holiday Worked Payroll
Academic Training Application and Academic Advisor Recommendation Form International Programs
Access Request Form (ARF) ITS Administrative Support
Accident Report (Non-Vehicle) Contracts, Procurement and Risk Management
Accounts Payable Change Request Financial Services

Accounts Receivable Billing Request Financial Services
Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status and Legal Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect (EO 1083) Human Resources
Activities Requiring Humboldt State University IRB Approval Sponsored Programs Foundation
Address Change Form International Programs
APS Form 515 Advice of Separation: Coaches Academic Personnel Services

APS Form 610 Advice of Separation: Instructional Student Assistants Academic Personnel Services

APS Form 510 Advice of Separation: Lecturer, FERP, Temp Librarian, TA & GA Academic Personnel Services

Advisor Change Office of the Registrar

Agenda for the 12-8-11 Meeting of the Board of Directors Sponsored Programs Foundation
Agenda: Mendocino Stakeholders Open Forum 1-26-13 Sponsored Programs Foundation
Alcohol Approval Request Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs
Alternate Health Insurance Petition International Programs
American Psychological Foundation Funding Opportunites Sponsored Programs Foundation
American Psychological Foundation Presentation Sponsored Programs Foundation
APS Application for Academic Employment Academic Personnel Services
107 Application for Leave of Absence Human Resources

Application Procedures for Leave of Absence without Pay Human Resources
Aquaculture Event 9/9/13 Sponsored Programs Foundation
Audit Petition Office of the Registrar

Authorization for Off-Campus Use of Equipment Form Financial Services
Form 1 Authorization to Recruit (Form 1) Human Resources
STD 261 Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle Financial Services
Authorized Incomplete ("I") Grade Conditions Office of the Registrar