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IELI Online Orientation

 IELI Online Orientation 

Welcome to the IELI Online Orientation.  This orientation has been designed to introduce you to life as an international student at the International English Language Institute (IELI).

IELI Orientation Videos

Please watch each of the following orientation videos.  Take as much time as you need to get through the material.  Use a dictionary or a translator if you have trouble understanding the English.  While you are going through the material, work on the Orientation Quiz.  You will not be allowed to attend classes until you have completed this quiz.

Click here to access the Orientation Quiz.

Welcome Video

Watch a welcome from the staff members of the Center for International Programs at Humboldt State University!

Download a transcript here.

Immigration Video

This video contains some general information about immigration regulations for F-1 students. Please take your time to understand all the information in this video. Please pause the video whenever necessary to translate the information or look up words that you don’t know in the dictionary. This information is your responsibility to know and understand.

You can view a transcript here.


This video explains some of the cultural norms specific to the United States and Humboldt County. This information can be very useful to your success at Humboldt State University, regardless of which country you’re from. You will also learn about the Center for International Programs and how to use it as a resource during your stay.

Click here to access a PDF version of this video's transcript.


This video will show you how to be safe on campus, at home, and in the community. You will also learn about the University Police Department (UPD), and you will meet the UPD International Student Liason Officer, Delmar Thompkins.

Download a transcript here.

Health Insurance

This video contains some general information about healthcare in the United States for international students. You will also learn specific information about Anthem Blue Cross (ABC) Health Insurance through CSU Healthlink.

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Health insurance links:


This video contains some important information about international student housing at Humboldt State University. You will learn about the various housing options for IELI students, as well as vocabulary terms and cultural norms associated with renting.

Access a PDF version of the transcript here.

Housing Links

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