General Data Dashboards

  • Enrollment Dashboard: Student enrollment data by college, department, class level, cohort type, and more for the last 4 years.

  • FTFTUG Retention Rates: First-time full-time undergraduate 1, 2, and 3-year retention rates by college, gender, and URM for 2003-2011 cohorts.

  • FTFTUG Graduation Rates: First-time full-time undergraduate 4, 5, and 6-year graduation rates by college, gender, URM, and more for 2000-2008 cohorts.

  • Origin Institution of Applicants: An interactive map and data table that shows the count of applicants, admitted, and registered students by the Institution of Origin.

  • Achievement Gap of FTFTUG Students: Comparison between URM and non-URM students for 6 year graduation Rates with follow-up information on 1 and 2-year retention rates and 4-year graduation rates.

  • HSU Historical HC-FTES: This dashboard contains Unduplicated Headcount and Full-time Equivalent Students from 2000 to current.

Specialty Data Dashboards

Data Dashboards - Under development

  • Comparison of HSU to CSU: Actuals & FTES: Several dashboards to compare FIRMS Amount, FTES, and Cost per FTES over the past 6 years across all CSU's. Currently this dashboard is under development with specifications from Amber Blakeslee, Budget Analyst of the HSU University Budget Office.

Video Tutorial

Printing Dashboards

Dashboards can be printed as a PDF or as a PNG file. At the bottom of each dashboard there is an envelope symbol with a right-facing arrow. Clicking on this icon will allow the user to open an export/print window as shown below:

How to Print a Dashboard