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Security Basics

HSU Introduces New Antivirus Software Campus-Wide


This week, ITS is rolling out new antivirus software across campus. The software is being deployed automatically to all HSU-owned machines. But don't panic if you're taking advantage of the free Sophos license for your personal computing devices - that license does not expire until April 2014. Read more about the changes to campus antivirus protection ...

Security :: Identity Management

Identity Management at HSU describes the process used to create a unified account for every individual associated with the University to provide access to the resources they need to fulfil their role at the University. It encompasses all of the systems and processes that provide access to computers, networks, and other digital resources. When students are admitted or new employees are hired, the identitiy management system creates an account and provides access to the systems and services appropriate to that individual's relationship with the University.   

Security :: Remote Tracking for your Mobile Device

The size and portability of smartphones and tablets is a big convenience factor - but it also means they can get lost or stolen much more easily. In addition to auto-locking your device to ensure your data can't be accessed, you can make use of your device's GPS capabilities to activate auto-tracking, which should make recovery a whole lot easier if you ever do lose it.

Security :: Annual Credit Report Monitoring

You can help to protect yourself against identity theft by reviewing your credit report at least once a year. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that each of the three national consumer credit reporting companies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — provide you with a copy of your credit report on request once every 12 months at no charge.

Security :: Information Security Basics

Humboldt State University's Information Security Team collaborates with faculty, staff and students to keep campus computing systems running smoothly and important data protected and secure.

Information Security Organization

Information Security Plan. Secure data and infrastructure protecting confidentiality, availability and integrity.