Document Storage Recommendations

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  Departmental access Files for your classes

"You Only" files

Portable files Archive files Personal files
Network folders   ► 


Department shares ►         
Sharepoint ►          
Nolij ►         
Google Drive/Other Google Apps Non-sensitive data    Non-sensitive data   Non-sensitive data     
USB Drive     ►  Non-sensitive data    ► 
External hard drive       Non-sensitive data    ► 
CD/DVD       ►  ►  ► 



Use the Department Access options if multiple faculty or staff members need access to the data

Use the You Only options if you are the only person who need to access the files

Use the Portable options for large files you need to access in multiple locations and/or from multiple devices

Use the Archive option for files you don't need to access frequently (these files should be encrypted if they contain sensitive information)


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