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How to request a project

Projects may start with a Project Request if it's clear the request meets the criteria for a project (more than 20 hours of work and two or more people to do the work) or with an ITS Support Request Form (if you're not sure of the scope of the work required).

See a summary of how the IT Projects process works.

Resources for software purchasing

While we in the ITS Project Office cannot handle software purchasing on your behalf. we recognize that the process can be complex, so we've prepared some guidelines to help you out in the form of A Guide to Successful Software Acquisition. This document walks you through the process step by step - from gathering ideas to soliciting information, from evaluating solutions and vendors to finalizing the purchase. It also includes a product evaluation template, RFP examples, and a security checklist that will help you to determine the data security requirements for your purchase.

You can also find an overview of the software purchasing process on the Software Purchasing services page.

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