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You can use smart phones on campus in many of the same ways you can use a computer - to access email and the web (using the HSU wireless network), create and collaborate on documents or projects, and to determine space availability in labs and Smart Classrooms. You can also sync your smart phone calendar with your Google calendar.

HSU requires that the secure wireless network be used if protected data is involved; such data may only be accessed using University-owned equipment.

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System Configuration
Additional Information

While the Technology Help Desk can advise you on how to connect your smart phone to the HSU wireless network and use it on campus, they do not provide hands-on support for devices not owned by the University. Please refer to your device provider or mobile application vendor for questions not specifically related to the HSU environment.

Check these links for helpful hints on keeping your smartphone secure:

Ten Steps to Secure Your Mobile Device

Simple Ways to Lock Your Smartphone

Accessing This Service

To access the web and permitted network services using your smart phone, just enter your HSU User Name and Password into the browser on your smart phone, agree to to terms and conditions, and you are good to go.

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Using This Service

Google's Apps Learning Center for mobile users offers a wealth of information on using Google Apps with Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and Windows smart phones.

Visit on your mobile device to see campus-wide lab seat availability in real time from your smart phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to HSU resources over the campus wireless network is covered by the CSU Responsible Computing Policy.