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Moderator Training and Tutorials

Before you begin facilitating web conferences and other online meetings using Elluminate, you should complete the following training sessions. All of these sessions, with the exception of the HSU one-hour orientation, are provided through the Elluminate website.

Part 1: Getting Started With Elluminate Live! For Moderators

All new users should sign up for HSU's one-hour orientation or sign up for Elluminate's one-hour quick-start session. These sessions introduce you to the Elluminate interface and functionality, and walk you through the key functionality you need to understand to facilitate a web conference.

Part 2: Next Steps With Elluminate Live! For Moderators

Sign up for this live one-hour session to learn more about how you can increase the interactivity of your session, including how to use application sharing and breakout rooms.

Part 3: Reference Guides and Tutorials 

It's also a good idea to review the quick reference guides and self-paced tutorials if you want to learn more about a particular feature or function.


Participant Training and Tutorials

Before you participate in your first web conference or other online meeting in Elluminate, you should complete the brief orientation session. If you're interested, you can also register for a live online training event or access recorded tutorials and documentation.


Getting Help

For technical support during set-up or a live event, please contact Elluminate customer service toll free at 1-866-388-8674 ext 2 or send email to support@elluminate.com.

While Elluminate, NOT the HSU Technology Help Desk, is providing technical support directly to HSU users, we have established a set of FAQs on this site. If you can't find the information you're looking for there, you should visit the Elluminate Training or Support sites.

For assistance using Elluminate with Moodle, contact Bill Bateman at (707) 826-4213.


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