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HSU Wordmark Usage Guidelines

We developed and we’re continuously refining the campus graphic identity standards. These standards lead to greater consistency in the university’s printed and electronic materials, helping audiences instantly recognize material from Humboldt State. Ultimately, high-quality print and electronic communications reinforce the university’s excellent reputation.

A Message from the President

Dear Campus Community,

Thanks to the work of our wordmark committee and the department of Marketing & Communications, we have a “family” of institutional marks that provide Humboldt State University with a strong visual identity for print and electronic media. In order to unify the HSU graphic image, it is important that all members of our community follow the standards that are established in this document. I have given our University Image and Marketing Committee and Marketing & Communications the authority to implement these graphic standards.

Please use this institutional identity program as a helpful tool in communicating Humboldt State University’s image of academic excellence.


Rollin C. Richmond Signature

Rollin C. Richmond

What are Graphic Standards?

Humboldt State University is an organization of individuals and departments dedicated to sharing information and resources with the citizens of our local community, state, and nation. In doing so, it is vitally important that the University is consistent in how it identifies itself. To this end, the University mandated a graphics standards program in 2003.

Graphic standards provide the broad communications platform from which more specific communications efforts are launched. The standards are made up of key communications elements designed to unify what we say about ourselves and why we say it. The standards consist of the University’s name, wordmark, other marks, and guidelines for their use. These elements may be used only by official University entities and by those commercial enterprises that enter into a licensing agreement with the University. All products bearing the University’s trademarks must be approved by the Image and Marketing Steering Committee.

These guidelines for using the University’s visual identity marks are intended to allow flexibility while still providing a unifying theme that will be consistently applied across the institution. To ease transition, materials produced before January 2004 are not required to use the guidelines presented here.

The standards set forth in this manual apply to all internal and external communications. Please refer to this guide to answer questions that may arise regarding the use of the HSU wordmark. Contact Marketing & Communications if you have further questions.

Incorrect Wordmark Uses

In order to create a strong, unified identity for Humboldt State University, it is important to use the wordmark correctly. The wordmark is not to be altered in any way, including stretching or distorting. The stylized elements of the wordmark, the official wordmark colors, and the typography are all integral elements. These elements can not be modified.

Do NOT alter the wordmark in any form, including:

Do not use the trees as a stand-alone identity element without the words “Humboldt State University.” The three trees alone are not considered a wordmark or mark, and without the accompanying wordmark are not part of the University Identity system.

Do not use the trees as a stand-alone identity element

Do not stretch or condense the wordmark. All of HSU's wordmarks and wordmarks should be enlarged or reduced proportionally. Disproportionate enlargement or reduction of the wordmards or wordmarks will distort them and is to be avoided at all times.

Do not stretch or condense the wordmark

Do not use a substitute font. You should always use the wordmarks or wordmarks supplied by Marketing & Communications and should not try to recreate them. Using a different font in these marks is to be avoided at all times.

Do not use a substitute font

Do not display the wordmark at an angle. The word marks and wordmarks are meant to be displayed horizontally only. They should not be rotated, canted or slanted in any way.

Do not display the wordmark at an angle

Do not obscure, provide insufficient contrast, or in any way diminish the visibility of the wordmark. One should always take care to not place the word marks or wordmarks on top of a photograph, pattern or color that makes the wordmark difficult to read clearly.

Do not obscure, provide insufficient contrast, or in any way diminish the visibility of the wordmark

Do not try to match the font used in HSU's wordmark or wordmark. HSU's wordmark and wordmark are intended to be unique identifiers for Humboldt State University. Typefaces that match or closely resemble these marks diminishes the brand's visual strength and creates confusion for the viewer. Any type accompanying the wordmark should be set in a font that compliments the wordmark but does not attempt to match it.

Examples of stretched wordmarks

Other Campus wordmarks

University Seal
University Seal

The University Seal is not intended to be used as an identifying mark for most publications, websites or other designs. The seal is intended to imply specific endorsement of the university's president and its use must be approved by the Office of the President or Marketing & Communications. The Seal is used on official University documents, executive stationary, and for select campus-wide events such as commencement. Please contact Marketing & Communications if considering the University Seal for use.

HSU Athletics Logo
HSU Athletics wordmark

The wordmarks of HSU Intercollegiate Athletics are licensed by Humboldt State and any use must be approved by the Athletics Director or Sports Information Director.