Dr. Bori K. Mazzag
Assistant Professor
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BSS 338
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Website: http://users.humboldt.edu/borim/
Summary of Research Academic Background


  • Mathematical modeling in biology, particularly in physiology.
  • Mathematical and computational modeling of intracellular calcium dynamics.


  1. The effect of residual Ca2+ on the stochastic gating on Ca2+-regulated
    Ca2+ channel models, B.Mazzag, C.Tignanelli and G.D.Smith, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 235:121-150, 2005.
  2. Mathematical analysis of the swarming behavior of myxobacteria, A.Gallegos, B.Mazzag,A.Mogilner, accepted for publication at the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.
  3. Model of Bacterial Band Formation in Aerotaxis, B.Mazzag, I.Zhulin, A.Mogilner, Biophys.J.,2003, 85(6):3558-3574.
  4. A Model for Shear Stress Sensing and Transmission in Vascular Endothelial Cells, B.Mazzag, J.S.Tamaresis, A.I.Barakat, Biophys.J., 2003, 84(6):4087-4101.

PhD (Applied Mathematics), University of California, Davis, June 2002. (Advisor: Professor Alex Mogilner)

MS (Applied Mathematics), UC Davis, Dec. 2000.

BS (Mathematics), University of California, Santa Cruz, June, 1996. Advisor: Dr. Maria Schoenbek.

Grad Students
Ari Kornfeld - Thesis: Measuring and Modeling the Gravitropic Response of
Oat Shoots (Avena Sativa).