Travis Jepsen Memorial Mathematics ScholarshipPhoto of Travis Jepsen

The Travis Jepsen Memorial Mathematics Scholarship at Humboldt State University was established by his parents, Cory Jepsen-Hobbs and Dennis Jepsen, in 2004.  Travis Peter Jepsen was born May 30, 1975 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He and his sister Tara, younger by two and a half years, shared a wonderful sense of humor which was always insightful, if sometimes slightly irreverent. Travis loved sports, including little league baseball, football, and skiing.  He graduated from Southwest High School in Green Bay, where he participated in football and in band, playing the drums. He attended Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, as a mathematics major.

Travis joined the HSU lacrosse team and loved the game and his teammates. A devoted friend, he developed special bonds with a wide circle of people. He was an animal lover, especially his red-nosed pit bull “Rosie.”  She was his constant companion and a best friend.

Travis pursued his love of math with a passion that demonstrated his intelligence, work ethic, and love for structure.  He had a tenacious determination to understand, and wouldn’t give up until he did.  He typically sat in the front of the class, asked questions, and visited his professors after class to ask more questions.  He excelled and thrived on the structure and demands in his life, when immersed in study. He planned on attending graduate school in math and pursuing a career in the space/science field. Travis died March 18, 2003, his life accidentally and tragically cut short. He will be remembered for his successes, goodness, love, sensitivity, caring, intelligence, energy, and humor.

The Travis Jepsen Memorial Mathematics Scholarship preserves the memory of Travis and enables his love of math to live on by helping others to pursue, grow, and bring math to the world as a constructive force in their chosen endeavor.