Teaching that Emphasizes Mathematical
Practices for K-8 Teachers (TEMPT)

Important Dates


Preparatory Component
(June-July 2012)

Not later than:
June 3

Participants read and reflect on the Standards of Mathematical Practice as expressed in the Common Core State Standards Initiative. In particular, each participant posts to the workshop site a response to the following prompt: Of the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice, discuss one that you have worked to develop in prospective or current K-8 teachers (either in the courses offered by your institution or in professional development institutes in which you have instructed). Then, discuss one of the 8 standards that you believe needs more attention by math faculty in their work with pre-service and in-service K-8 teachers.


June 25 Participants respond to at least two posts of their fellow participants.


July 15-20 Intensive Workshop


Ongoing component (July 2012 - January 2013)

Not later than:

August 31 Participants post a plan for application of at least one teaching/learning segment for teachers that intentionally develops one or more of the Standards for Mathematical Practices in pre-service or in-service K-8 Teachers. Where appropriate, the plan also involves some content that is new to the CCSS compared to their former state standards. Some teachers prepare abstracts for posters or a presentation at the JMM in San Diego.

January 8

Participants post a structured reflection (lessons learned) on their application from the workshop.

January 10

A reunion meeting is held at the JMM in San Diego for those who can attend.