Office of the President

Campus Messages

04-18-2014 Congratulations to Faculty Award Recipients

04-15-2014 Moving Forward as an HSU Family

04-11-2014 A Sad Day at Humboldt State

03-11-2014 Loss of Staff Member Michael Athey

02-06-2014 HSU Honors Retiring President Rollin Richmond

01-27-2014 State of the CSU Address

01-15-2014 Vice President Peg Blake Administrative Review

01-02-2014 Tragic Loss of Instructor Eric Freed

12-12-2013 Register for the Spring 2014 Institute for Student Success

10-23-2013 Kicking Off the California State Employees Charitable Giving Campaign

09-25-2013 My Retirement Plans

05-14-2013 Thank you!

05-02-2013 Loss of Staff Member Gayleen Smith 

05-02-2013 Budget Plan 2013-14

05-01-2013 Register for Fall 2013 Institute for Student Success

03-26-2013 Congratulations to Faculty Award Winners

03-11-2013 Restructuring of Advising and Inclusive Student Success Efforts

02-14-2013 Loss of Professor John Travis

01-25-2013 Campus Loses Economics Instructor Thomas Bruner

01-14-2013 Welcome Reception for Vice President Wruck

12-19-2012 Full Day off December 24

12-03-2012 Register for HSU Spring 2013 Institute for Student Success, January 17

12-01-2012 Campus Priorities for Coming Years

11-15-2012 Faculty and Staff Holiday Party, December 7

11-08-2012 Passage of Proposition 30

11-01-2012 Loss of Instructor Linda Scott

10-18-2012 Community Conversations

10-17-2012 Online Link to Voter Registration

10-17-2012 New Vice President for University Advancement

10-16-2012 California ShakeOut is Oct. 18

10-12-2012 United Way Campaign

09-28-2012 Campus Loses Business Instructer Scott Guild

09-28-2012 Tragic Loss of Geography Instructor Suzanne Seeman

09-26-2012 Reception for Vice President of Administration and Finance

09-12-2012 University Ombudspersons

08-29-2012 Decision on Hazing in Women's Soccer

08-22-2012 Decision to cancel men's soccer season

08-14-2012 New Vice President - Joyce Lopes

04-09-2012 Budget Plan 2012-2013

03-29-2012 Administrative Review - Provost Snyder

03-22-2012 Congratulations to Faculty Award Recipients

03-19-2012 AS Elections - Be Involved!

01-17-2012 Planning for HSU Centennial, 2013-14