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Environmental Management & Protection

Degrees Offered: BS Minor Certificate of Study

The Environmental Management & Protection degree offers studies which center on the development of harmonious relationships between people and the natural environment in which they live. As the world’s resources are called upon to support the increasingly complex needs of more and more people, there is a great need for professionals who are trained to develop and promote ways of satisfying real human needs without degrading the earth on which we all depend.

There are three options within the major:

Environmental Education and Interpretation Option.Interpreters promote harmony between humans and the environment by helping people to understand, appreciate, and protect the natural world. The philosophy of interpretation is captured by four elements: communication, inspiration, revelation, and experience. Learning through hands-on experience, we lead guided walks, create brochures, and build displays. Our program is designed for the student to learn in the field, in the classroom, and in the lab.

Environmental Planning Option. Natural resource planners are concerned with developing ways for humanity to satisfy our needs for space and resources and yet maintain the quality of life by conservation of the environment and mitigation of unavoidable damage. Our students learn to gather and organize information for natural resource planning and acquire the skills to communicate this information to political decision-makers and the public. Our program is the only undergraduate level planning program focused on natural resources in the country.

Natural Resources Recreation Option. Natural resource recreation professionals seek to provide high quality recreation opportunities resulting in benefits to the recreating public while protecting the resources from degradation. Natural resource recreation students learn to understand the human nature of the recreation experience, the ecological nature of outdoor recreation resources, and how to manage both people and resources for the benefit of both.

A minor is available in:

Geospational Analysis. Computer-based geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies allow managers to evaluate large amounts of natural resource and socioeconomic data over various sizes of geographic domains in order to make effective decisions. Analysts collect, encode, and maintain digital data. They produce maps, analytical graphics, and tabular and statistical summaries.

Natural Resources 200

Major Concentrations

  • Environmental Education and Interpretation
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Recreation

Related Graduate Option


  • Natural Resources
  • Environmental Education & Interpretation
  • Environmental & Natural Resources Planning
  • Environmental & Natural Resources Recreation
  • Geospatial Analysis

Certificates of Study

  • Environmental Education & Interpretation
  • Environmental & Natural Resources Planning
  • Natural Resources Policy & Administration

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