Faculty and Staff

The Department of Psychology faculty represent a range of disciplines within psychology that provide for a comprehensive curriculum in both undergraduate and graduate majors in psychology.

Name Phone Email Office
Image of Dr. Chris Aberson Chris Aberson
Professor of Psychology
(707) 826-3670 cla18@humboldt.edu BSS #430
Emilisa Botzler-Rodgers
Alex Bowman
(707) 826-5263 Ext 2 Alex.Bowman@humboldt.edu BSS #434
David Campbell
Professor of Psychology
(707) 826-3721 dec1@humboldt.edu BSS #444
Image of Dr. Brent Duncan Brent Duncan
Professor of Psychology
(707) 826-5261 bbd1@humboldt.edu BSS #432
James Dupree
Associate Professor of Psychology
(707) 826-3679 jld3@humboldt.edu BSS #446
Image of Dr. Nancy Dye Nancy Dye
(707) 826-4040 Ext 2 ned1@humboldt.edu BSS #410C
Image of Dr. Beth Eckerd Beth Eckerd
Assistant Professor of Psychology
(707) 826-3757 lme18@humboldt.edu BSS #424
Image of Dr. Ethan Gahtan Ethan Gahtan
Associate Professor of Pyschology
(707) 826-4545 eg51@humboldt.edu BSS #428
Image of Dr. Gregg Gold Gregg Gold
Professor of Psychology
(707) 826-3740 gregg@humboldt.edu
Amy Gordon
Sarah Haag
(707) 826-4313 Sarah.Haag@humboldt.edu BSS #442
John Hill
Tasha Howe
Dr. Howe will be on sabbatical for the Fall 2014 semester. She will be working on child abuse prevention for her second Fulbright Scholarship, this time in Croatia.
(707) 826-3759 th28@humboldt.edu BSS #422
Sangwon Kim
Assistant Professor
(707) 826-5268 Sangwon.Kim@humboldt.edu BSS #438
Jeff Lough
(707) 826-4313 jcl510@humboldt.edu BSS #442
Eric Malain
(707) 826-3748 Ext 3 edm20@humboldt.edu BSS #426
Kevin Matlock
(707) 826-3751 Ext 2 kevin.matlockII@humboldt.edu BSS #410F
Lisa Miller
Melinda Myers
(707) 826-4040 Ext 1 mm3@humboldt.edu BSS #410C
Jennifer Petullo
(707) 826-3754 Ext 1 Jennifer.Petullo@humboldt.edu BSS #410E
Tyler Purvis
(707) 826-3751 Ext 1 tcp17@humboldt.edu BSS #410F
William Reynolds
Professor and Department Chair
(707) 826-3162 wr9@humboldt.edu BSS #410B
Michele Rogers
(707) 826-3754 Ext 2 mlr40@humboldt.edu BSS #410E
Emily Sommerman
Assistant Professor of Psychology
(707) 826-3270 es47@humboldt.edu BSS #436
Peter Stoll
Shannon Stuart-Maver
(707) 826-3748 Ext 2 sls25@humboldt.edu BSS #426
Jennifer Taylor
(707) 826-3742 Ext 1 jft7002@humboldt.edu BSS #410D
Sheri Whitt
Clinic Director
(707) 826-5265 Sheri.Whitt@humboldt.edu BSS #208C
Image of Dr. Lou Ann Wieand Lou Ann Wieand
Professor of Psychology
(707) 826-5263 law3@humboldt.edu BSS #434
Department Staff
Name Phone Email Office
Val Arizzi
Department Coordinator
(707) 826-3755 arizzi@humboldt.edu BSS #410
Amber Kees
Graduate Department Coordinator
(707) 826-5264 kees@humboldt.edu BSS #410
Emeritus Faculty
Warren J. Carlson, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Bettye S. Elmore, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Susan J. Frances, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Mary B. Gruber, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Professor Professor
T. Mark Harkwood, Ph.D., Associate Professor Associate Professor
Senqi Hu, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Lumei Hui, Ph.D., Associate Professor Associate Professor
James M. Knight, Ph.D., Professor Professor
John M. Morgan, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Dennis R. Musselman, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Alane Osborn, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Kathleen Preston, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Alwyn D. Sessions, M.S., Associate Professor Associate Professor
Jack Shaffer, Ph.D., Professor Professor
Josh G. Weinstein, Ph.D., Associate Professor Associate Professor