About the Regional Training Institute for Disaster Preparedness

The concept for the Regional Training Institute was developed in early 2011 by Linda Nellist, Judy Warren and Judy Sears, who have each worked in emergency management and community disaster preparedness for many years.

The original mission was to offer a centralized system for conducting Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. During the preliminary studies for an institute, it was discovered that the entire region (Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity and Siskiyou counties) needed support for training needs.

By collaborating with the College of eLearning & Extended Education at Humboldt State University, we offer many opportunities to strengthen our disaster response capabilities by training capable individuals.

The cornerstone of the Institute is CERT, but we also want to be reactive to the needs of each community by providing the most requested preparedness classes and to serve as an informational resource for materials and links to other agencies.

We want to collaborate and coordinate with other training institutions as well as those agencies, such as the American Red Cross, fire departments and law enforcement, who respond to disasters every day.

Our goal is to be supportive of individuals, neighborhoods, public educators, businesses and social groups who are interested in making their communities more disaster-resilient.