University Senate

Academic Policies Committee (APC)

see Senate Bylaws, Section 11.2 (click on section number on TOC page to see description of committee)

The Academic Policies Committee (APC) meets on Mondays at 11:00 am in NHE 119. Meetings are open to the campus community. If you have questions, please contact the Committee Chair or the Senate Office.

APC Roster (2014/15) Fall 2014 (pdf)

2013/2014 End-of-Year Report (pdf)

2012/2013 End-of-Year Report (pdf)

2011/2012 End-of-Year Report (pdf)

Name Department Phone Email
Monty Mola, Chair (Spring) (2015) Physics 5328 mmm67
Ben Marschke (Faculty) (AEC) (2016) History 3170 bm57
Ethan Gahtan (Faculty) (AEC) (2017) Psychology 4545 eg51
Paul Cummings (Faculty) (AEC) (2017) Music  5435 pcc6
Andy Stubblefield (Faculty) (2016) Forest & Wild Res. 3258 aps14
Su Karl (Non-MPP Staff) (2016) Learning Center 5206 smk7001
(Student) (2014)      
(Student) (2014)      
Jená Burges (Ex-Officio) Vice Provost 3511 jb139
Clint Rebik (Ex-Officio) Registrar (or designee) 6205 clint


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