Sociology MA Thesis Titles

Graduate Thesis

This list is a collection of thesis titles submitted by Sociology graduate students at Humboldt State University.

Spring 2013 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Andrew Adamus
Evaluating "New Horizons": A Mixed-Method Inquiry
Lora Bristow
Women's Work: Social Relations of Quilting
George Shaw
The Road to My Lai
Gary Shurtz
Structural Inequality in Global Timber-Based Commodity Chains

Spring 2012 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Karen August
Playing the Game: Marijuana Growing in a Rural Community
James Beattie
Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution Within and Between Organizations
Samantha Bryant
Public Policy Assessment of Local Government Approaches to Implementing California's Medical Marijuana Laws
Patricia Hutchens
Multicultural Feminism and Domestic Violence Services in Rural Communities
Rachelle Irby
Student-Driven Energy Independence: A Case Study of Humboldt Energy
Independence Fund
Kristin Kovacs
Anti-Poverty Movements and the Creation of National Service Programs
Ronald Kuhnel
Reframing the Whimsy Garden Project
Katie Mills
Social Movement Frame Alignment and Online Networking Structures: A Comparative Analysis of LGBT Movement Organizations
Vanessa Villavicencio
Leaving Home: An Analysis of Intra Migration Patterns Within the European Union

Spring 2011 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Amanda Bertana
China's Rise to Hegemony: The Search for African Oil
Travis Byrne
Bill Devall's Deep Ecology: Simple In Means, Rich In Ends
Dan Davis
The Mystic on the Concrete: Decision Making Strategies Among Those Who Say They Hear From God
Robert Hogard
Developing a New Model: The American Male—Making a Valuable Contribution to Society Through Mentoring
Kristin Kovacs
Anti-Poverty Movements and the Creation of National Service Programs
Dustin Mabry
Community Food Security: A New Social Movement Approach
George Shaw
The Road To My Lai
Colin Trujillo
Marijuana, Mexico and the Media
Jimmy Valdes
Sociology and Health: Understanding Nonurgent E.R. Visits in Humboldt County
Amanda Ybarra
Latino Immigration, Globalization and Health: Striving to Find Equality in the United States

Spring 2010 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Rebecca Raymond
Montana Bison: Controversy in Yellowstone National Park
Laura Atkins
The Humboldt Community Breast Health Project: Social Support Among Women with Cancer
Elias Pence
Becoming Upward Bound: Ritual, Self-Esteem and the Production of Belonging
Sheila Pierre
The Achilles Heel of Higher Education: Minority Student Retention

Spring 2009 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Brandi Wilson
An Adventure in creating Socially Just Community Colleges: A case study of a Northern California Community College
Jason M. Whitley
Cameras, COPS, and Contention: The Policing of Independent Media at the 2008 Republican National Convention
Ali Razzak Chaudhary
Choosing "Desi" Exploring the New Second Generation South Asian American Community
Mark Daniel Blackurst
Community Influence in Humboldt County a Comment Regarding Power
Zachary David Funk
Dissonant Lyricists: Expressions of Identity and Resistance in Underground Hip Hop
Jayme Buckley
Food, Land, and Community: A Social Movement in Humboldt County

Spring 2008 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Amanda Beatty
The Globalization Of Agriculture and Social Resistance
James Beaty
Mediation Across the Curriculum
Vance William Luther Edwards
Well-Being in Cohousing:  A Qualitative Study
Kathleen Joy Ellion
Researching Evidence-Based Actuarial Assessment Tools for the Humboldt County Probation Department
John Edward Haskell
A Bird's Eye View:  Medical Marijuana - The Patient's Perspective
Lou Jacobson
Anthroprogenic Carbon Dioxide Mitigation: Social Barriers to the Diffusion of the Compact Flourescent Light Bulb.
Matthew Ambrose Jelen
Evaluating the Viability of Community Currency as a Tool of Sustainable Development: A Case Study of the Humboldt Exchange Community Currency Project
Karen Elizabeth Nelson
Transferring Land:  The Right Thing To Do
Amber Lea Smith
Mapping a Whole New World With the Emma Center: Integrative Healing to Generate Empowerment
Natalie Terese Soder
Community Currency : An Approach to Economic Sustainability in One Local Bioregion
Jessica Ruth Stephan
The V-Day Movement:  Women Organizing Communities Against Violence

Spring 2007 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Maral Attallah
Choosing Silence: The United States, Turkey, and the Armenian Genocide
Sarah Barrington
Community organizing for economic development : a program evaluation of the Maine Downtown Center.
Mark Bauermeister
Small Farm Disinvestment in Eastern Nebraska: Seeking Sustainability in the Periphery
Lori Cortez-Regan
Expanding your horizons: A Study of girls participation in math and science.
Timothy Faiella
Media and Social Change Processes Humboldt State University
Gisela Rutishauser- Chappelle
Assesment and redesign of teaching "theories and methods of alternative dispute resolution" online.
Belinda White
Disaster Preparedness in the United States.

Spring 2006 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Elizabeth Archibald
Learning Disability Assessment and Student Retention Rate at Humboldt State University
Dorothea Bott
Your Voice~ Your Choice Coalition Transportation Committee Project
Margaret Campbell
Social Sustainability of Rural Community Well-Being and Designing a Planning Process that will Minimize the Negative Impacts of "Big Box" Retailers
Megan McDrew
Peace Corps: Motivational Factors to Enhance Recruitment and Volunteer Retention
Leah Thompson
Girls Participation in Math and Science: A Program Evaluation of Expanding your Horizons

Spring 2005 Master of Arts Graduates Thesis Titles

Jordan T. Camp
Zapatismo and Autonomous Social Movements: Reading the Communities Politically
Yi-Lang Chao
The Equip Mode and the New Horizons Program
Adrian L. Chevraux-Fitshugh
Discovering Democracy: Grassroots Organizations and Strategies of Mobilization
Stephanie Daley
An Evaluation of Humboldt County's Juvenile Detention Risk Assessment Tool
David D. Dominguez
Totalitarian Democracy
Christina E. Fritschi
Barriers to the Process of Change in the Integrated Health Care Model for Clients and Health Care Providers
Jeffrey Gunn
The Nation-State and the Transitional Capitalist Class in the Era of Global Accumulation
Micheal Levy
Globalization, Biodiversity, and Resistance in Mexico: Deconstructing Plan Puebla-Panama
Lorrie A. Loveman
The Global Genie Project
Henryetta H. Martin
The Suppression of Honor: Sexual Molestation of Young Men in the Boy Scouts of America
Keiko Mori
Social Change in the Emperor System
Adriane S. Mozzini
Learning for Life: The Social and Academic Outcomes of a Waldorf Education
Leah A. Thompson
Girls Participation in Math and Science: A Program Evaluation of Expanding Your Horizons .pdf file
Tiffany Wilson
The Fusion of Asset Mapping and a Community Network: Bayside as a Case Study
Paula Yoon
Utilizing Principles of Transformative Mediation in the Development of the Redwood Regional Watershed Center

Spring 2004 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Hermine Amoussou
Social Perception of Working Women in Benin: Gender Analysis.
Michael Levy
Globalization, Diversity, and Resistance in Mexico: Reconstructing Plan Puebla- Panama.
Andrew Lord
A Brief History of Place: a Guide to Economic Recovery for Timber Dependent Communities.
Lorrie Loveman
The Global Genie Project
Nicholas Osborne
Prostitution as Legitimate Work: an Analysis of Sex Work in America.
Jenny Shayani
A Sociological Theory of Depression: an Integrated Approach to Optimism and Pessimism, Toward Effective Resolution of a Societal Problem

Spring 2003 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Andrea Bustos
Examining Organizational Social Change in CA and Chile
Richard Jennings
RV Tourism in Humboldt County, California: an Exploratory Case Study.
Jodi Kateiva
When the Abused Fightback: Analysis of Victim Precipitated Trigger Response.
Jacelyn Macedo
Working Butch: Lesbian Gender Nonconformity in the Workplace.
Dan Saveliff
The Hurdles We Overcome: Factors and Processes Influencing the Social and Academic Integration of Non-traditional College Students.
Will Tift
Exploring Alcohol use Among University Students in Social Context: The Impacts of Binge Drinking, Connectedness to Drinking Peers
Bethaney Weber
A Rationalization of Bureaucratic Infrastructure: Federally Recognized Indian tribes in California

Spring 2002 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Christina Begley
Training Mediators to be Reflective Practitioners.
Fergus Breck
Five Cases of African Revolution- a Comparative Historical Study of Successful Anti-colonial Revolutions.
Farnad Darnell
Iranian Americans: a Comparative Study of Iranian Cultural Retention Among Three Generations of Iranian Americans.
Gregory Gibson
Carnegie Heroes: a Social Exchange Theory Examination.
Michael Grossman
A Feminist/ Interactionist Approach to Disability.
Thomas Hunnicutt
A Teacher's Guide to Genocide in California History.
Karla Lusby
Men Who Batter: an Examination of a Typology in Batterers Completing Treatment.
James Vaughn
The Culture of the Bohemian Grove: a Symbolic Interactionist Study

Spring 2001 Master of Arts Graduate Thesis Titles

Elizabeth Bennett
Surf like a Girl: Women, Identity, and Representation in Surf Culture.
Laura Estetter
Personal Assistance for People with Disabilities: an Exploratory Study.
Joel Mitchell
The Moral Panic About Raves: Newspaper Transmission and Legislation.
Robyn Schroeder
Designing a Parent-teen Mediation Program for the Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville, Area.
Lael Washington
Black Women at the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Class: How These Issues Affect our Lives and How we Deal with Them