Forty-Second Annual
State of Jefferson Mathematics Congress
October 4-6, 2013    Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Orick, CA


Mathematical Creativity: If you want to get there, don't start from here by David Scott, University of Puget Sound.

Many significant developments in mathematics occur when an idea or formula that may not make sense in its original context has a valid interpretation in a related context. The talk contains several results as well as a problem that illustrate this type of creativity.

Functions, Duality, and Mapping Diagrams by Martin Flashman, Humboldt State University.

Mapping diagrams provide a valuable alternative to graphs for visualizing functions. Core function concepts can be more easily understood using these diagrams. Concepts of duality have been used to illuminate many mathematical categories such as geometry, algebra, and analysis. Professor Flashman explores the power of mapping diagrams as visualizations for functions and discusses how duality can be used to make connections between these diagrams and traditional graphs. Here is a link to a pdf version of the presentation, and a link to the free Adobe Reader, if you need it.

Discussion Under the Redwoods—008: A License to Approximate, led by Nick Franceschine, Sonoma State University.

Actuaries are business professionals who attempt to forecast the financial consequences of future events. Nick opens the “black box” to show how actuarial mathematics works, discusses opportunities in the actuarial profession, and talks about how interested students might prepare themselves to enter this interesting field. The format is interactive, with Nick responding to questions about the profession—and why it’s so hard to become an actuary.



Terris Becker Sonoma State University
Katie Bottenberg Humboldt State University
Joseph Cisneros Sonoma State University
Mike Cockrum Humboldt State University
Jacob Combs Sonoma State University
Arielle Farber Humboldt State University
Paul Felten Humboldt State University
Martin Flashman Humboldt State University
Nick Franceshine Sonoma State University
Leah Freedman Humboldt State University
Jennifer Ganeles Sonoma State University
Pablo Gomez Humboldt State University
Jeff Haag Humboldt State University
Caleb Hill Humboldt State University
Jacob Holman Sonoma State University
William Irvine Humboldt State University
Natalya Jackson Humboldt State University
Luisa Jojola Sonoma State University
Rick Luttmann Sonoma State University
Dustin Madsen Humboldt State University
Phoebe Marco Sonoma State University
Thomas Mattman California State University, Chico
Jeremy Milana Humboldt State University
Elaine Newman Sonoma State University
Tyler Plass Humboldt State University
Gregory Reese Sonoma State University
Carlos Sanchez Humboldt State University
Fabian Santiago Sonoma State University
David Scott University of Puget Sound
James Shipman Sonoma State University
Larry Shrewsbury Southern Oregon University
Sean Smith Sonoma State University
Katie Varley Humboldt State University
Kaitlyn Vigue Sonoma State University
Sarah Whitaker Sonoma State University
Faith Yakovleva Humboldt State University
Ken Yanosko Humboldt State University
Kemble Yates Southern Oregon University
Valerie Yellam Humboldt State University