Forty-Third Annual
State of Jefferson Mathematics Congress
October 3-5, 2014    WHISKEYTOWN LAKE, CA

FRIDAY Arrival. No formal activities planned. But we usually have clear autumn skies. Bring a telescope or some binoculars if you can!

We welcome student poster presentations! Please contact one of the organizers if you or one of your students would like to present a poster.

10:00 AM Writing a Book about Tarski by James T. Smith, San Francisco State University.

At Whiskeytown in 2007, Dr. Smith met Andrew McFarland, a lecturer at Sonoma State. Soon he began a collaboration with Andrew and his wife Joanna, that resulted in a book Alfred Tarski: Early Work in Poland—Geometry and Teaching, just published by Springer. Born in 1901 in Warsaw, Tarski became a high-school teacher and university lecturer, then relocated to the United States in 1939 and was soon the world's leading researcher in logic. In this talk Dr. Smith sketches Tarski's life in Poland and describes some of the techniques used and the surprises found through this historical research.

A note from the speaker: "I would like to show some pictures. If you can come to Whiskeytown with a charged-up phone or tablet equipped to display pdf files, let me know ahead of time ( and I'll send you a file [or download it yourself from] that you can load onto your device and show for those near you at my talk."

11:00 AM Mathematical Fundamentals Applied to Vehicular Motion by Martha Shott, Sonoma State University.

Being able to effectively describe the motion of cars on a freeway, at an intersection, or in a network of city streets can help us to understand how traffic problems might occur in such situations. Similarly, traffic engineers and city planners might utilize these descriptions in order to investigate the impact of expanding and/or modifying the existing traffic infrastructure. In this talk we use our intuition as well as our knowledge of pre-calculus and calculus to build a mathematical description of traffic flow. Then we discuss how our model may provide insight on traffic-related issues.

3:30 PM Discussion Under the Oaks—Mental Conceptions of Repeating Decimals, Rational Numbers, and Infinite Series, led by Brian Lindaman, CSU Chico.

Do your students struggle with learning infinite series? Maybe they struggle with fractions too? In this talk we discuss findings on students' conceptions in three interrelated content domains: repeating decimals, rational numbers, and infinite series. We explore assorted tasks which measure understanding in these domains, discuss results, and identify ways to improve students' understanding.

8:00 PM Family Campfire and annual Five Minute Business Meeting.

SUNDAY Departure.

The Congress will once again be held at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, Dry Creek Group Campground, site #2. The campground has been re-opened after a one-year closure. There is a $5 per day per vehicle park use fee. The fee can be paid at the visitor's center or at the parking kiosk at the campground. For the Congress, a small donation towards campground cost is the only registration fee.