October, 2011

Student Affairs Notices Policy

  1. Email to all SA staff
  2. Messages may be posted to the SA List Serve when:

    • The information/event/notice is about University business; and
    • The majority of the SA Division staff would benefit (professionally speaking) by receiving the information.

    SA List Serve Procedure:

    1. Run the spelling and grammar check before submission.
    2. Submit the message to your Director for approval; recommend emailing it at least one week prior to the event.
    3. If approved, the Director will post it to the SA divisional list serve (sastaff@humboldt.edu); the Director may opt to forward the notice to alternate groups, e.g. specific departments or the VPSA Council group.
  3. Other ways to deliver announcements/news/information
  4. Notices intended for all staff, students and/or faculty must be approved by the departmental SA Director, and then submitted via:

    1. the weekly news and announcements University Notices; submission deadline is Thursdays at noon; info at the University Notices Website or contact the Help Desk at help@humboldt.edu, 826-4357
    2. the Humboldt State Events calendar (managed by MarCom)
    3. Paper fliers via campus bulletin boards or mail if warranted; contact the Mailroom x3319 to determine the appropriate distribution list and the # of copies to provide for the mailing
    4. Campus Resources for event promotion