Research & Presentations

Social Media - Best Practices & Effective Use

by Courtney Haraldson and Jarad Petroske of HSU Marketing & Communications

This workshop covered the social media basics at HSU and explored best practices for its use.

Tribal Worldview and Context: The Native American Student Experience

This workshop will identify and explore deeply how today's Native American students are connected to their family and community histories and places of origin. Concepts such as levels of acculturation, communication, connection and empathy will be introduced and discussed. Skill building will be offered to assist campus staff/faculty to make positive impact in the lives of Native American students.

Facilitator: Vincent Feliz

Who Owns Community?

by Dr. Larry Roper, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Oregon State University

As our organizational life becomes more complex and busy, the likelihood of fragmentation and isolation among campus members increases. Conditions such as these call for greater attention to nurturing a sense of community. However, it is not always clear where responsibility for leading the development of campus community resides.

The Role of Student Affairs in the Academy Now and in the Future

by Dr. Larry Roper, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Oregon State University

The GLBTQ Experience

by Dr. Ronni Sanlo, author of The Purple Golf Cart: Stories of an Unconventional Grandma and Our Place on Campus: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Serices and Programs in Higher Education, and Director Emeritus of the UCLA LGBT Center.

Introduction to Student Development Theory

A lecture introducing Student Development Theory to faculty and student affairs staff at Humboldt State University by Daniel Davis, Research Associate/Instructor, Department of Sociology.

Supporting and Serving a Diverse Student Population

A video of Radha Webley's presentation on Supporting and Serving a Diverse Student Population. Presented in three parts.

2009 Sophomore Retention Study

Why do second year students leave HSU?

Prepared by Dr. Rees Hughes. Download the Report

What We Know About HSU Students

A Presentation for the Presidents Council

Prepared by Rees Hughes, Presented by Rees Hughes and V.P. Steven Butler. With substantial additional credit and thanks to Rick Vrem, John Filce, Bryce Kyburz, Susan Wesley and Ceema Feizollahi. Download the Report

Alumni Survey of 1980 and 1990 Graduates

Analysis and Report prepared by C. Robert Pace, Data Output prepared by Randi Darnall Burke. Download the Report

African American Student Perceptions at HSU

A Focus Group Study Report

Analysis and Report prepared by Rakin Hall - July 1998. Download the Report

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